The Supply Chain Management Handbook (SCMH) was initially released in October 2008 and is progressively updated as changes/improvements are identified, and new material is developed by IAQG member company subject matter experts. The SCMH is provided at no cost to organizations for use at all levels throughout the supply chain, including customers.

The intention of the guidance material in the SCMH is to assist organizations with understanding the various topics and is not intended to be held as requirements, nor is it auditable. The use of the guidance material does not ensure compliance with any referenced QMS Standards. The information it contains is based on sources believed to be reliable, however, no warranty is given as to its accuracy, completeness or suitability for the purposes it may be used.

The sections of the SCMH are structured around the six elements of a supply chain business process model covering the entire product life cycle. The guidance provided in the SCMH is published based on prioritization by IAQG members taking SCMH user recommendations into consideration.

The SCMH is protected under copyright, which is held by IAQG. The SCMH is written in English. Non-official translations may refer only to the IAQG provided that (i) the content is identical to the SCMH, (ii) it is specified that it is an unofficial translation of the SCMH and (iii) it contains a reference to the version of the SCMH which is translated.

Any references within the SCMH guidance material are intended to be for the purpose of sharing examples only. The IAQG does not endorse or require the use of any specific product, software, or materials (physical or written), and is not liable for the content or suitability of the software, website references or products referenced not produced by the IAQG when it is shared in the SCMH.

In any case, the SCMH is provided for informational purposes only and does not confer any rights on its users. The IAQG reserves the right to exercise its intellectual property rights, should its rights be infringed including but not limited to a violation of the stated conditions.

IAQG Product and Supply Chain Improvement Team
January 2021